What does it need?

The requirements for Simasy couldn't be simpler. As it's a browser based product you can access it from any computer with an internet connection regardless of the browser, hardware platform or operating system you choose.

Simasy is designed to run on Unix, Linux or Windows Web Servers with PHP and MySQL database support and actually runs as part of the web space that hosts your site, not on your PC or laptop.

Note that a version that supports ASP script is currently in development.

System requirements

Web space required for Simasy: under 1 Mb.

  • PHP v4.2.2 or higher
  • MySQL v3.23.58 or higher
  • GD Image Library v1.6.2 or higher

We can provide suitable web hosting or, alternatively, Simasy can be installed on any web server that satisfies the basic system requirements. If you are unsure whether your infrastructure satisfies these Contact Us for help.