What are the main benefits?

  • Customer led development - Simasy makes sure the customer always stays in control.
  • Faster Implementation - Reduce the time taken to develop your site or implement changes.
  • Content Management - manage dynamic content. No more delay or out of date information.
  • Flexible design - change the look of your site instantly without amending any of the content.
  • Reduce Cost - minimise the development and ongoing update cost. One license covers all.
  • Simplicity - if you can fill in a form you can use Simasy. No specialist skills required.

Will it do the job for Me?

Simasy comes in four versions, so there is a solution to fit your needs:

  • SimasyStarter is for small web sites: personal, self-employed or small companies.
  • SimasyBusiness is for small to medium-sized businesses that need more dyanamic functionality on their web sites such as e-commerce.
  • SimasyEducation is for education establishments such as Schools and Colleges with the same functionality as the Business version but with 2 Standard Modules and at a 50% discount.
  • SimasyEnterprise is for large corporate organisation that need powerful administrative features as well as content management.

Full web hosting and email facilities are free with all versions of Simasy, so there is nothing else to think about except adding content to your web site.

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With Simasy you can create and manage your web site from any computer with an Internet connection.