For large Corporate businesses with multiple users. The authorisation system allows permissions to be given to up to five members of staff. For instance, Content Creators can create and modify pages but not publish them to the web site until they have been authorised by a Manager.

Price: £6999 + £500 annual 5-user license


  • Simasy Control Panel
    Create and edit a web site with any number of text and image based web pages, manage your image library.
  • Authorisation System
    Five-user system for content creators and managers, with authorisation of pages for release to the web.
  • All Modules
    Add extra dynamic functionality such as News, Downloads, Search.
  • Theme
    We will create a Themed design for your web site based on your existing web site design or a completely new one.
  • Upgrades, Support and Web Hosting
    Keeps you up to date with the latest versions of Simasy and support through our online helpdesk. Includes web hosting with 1Gb web space, PHP and MySQL support, 200 email addresses, Webmail, SpamAssassin mail Spam Filters and optional mail virus filtering.

Optional Extras:

  • Additional 5 User Licenses - £500 per year
    Add further user logins to allow more users access to Simasy.

All prices are subject to VAT in the UK.